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Donate an energy top up

Donate an energy top up

Squeezed by the cost of living crisis, too many of our clients are having to make impossible decisions. For them, 'cutbacks' and buying a new kettle won't be enough. Today you can help us provide urgent and direct to support to those struggling to pay their energy bills.
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What is Gift Aid?

Donations from UK taxpayers benefit from the government’s Gift Aid scheme. For every £1 donated, we can claim 25p at no additional cost to you.

Energy top up
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Is this an actual gift?

Yes, your donation will help us #MakeItChristmas!

Your donation will be used to buy a Christmas dinner for a Londoner experiencing homelessness and will be delivered alongside your message of support.

Why should I leave a message of support?

Christmas can be a really challenging and lonely time for those experiencing homelesness. That's why we ask you to leave a message of support with every gift - these messages really do make a huge difference.

About Single Homeless Project

We began in 1975 when a group of six homeless men in London teamed up to create the change they wanted to see. An end to rough sleeping and the cold, hard floors of warehouses – and a city where everyone has a place to call home and the chance to live a fulfilling life.

Today, we are the largest homeless charity dedicated to helping Londoners in crisis. Every year, we help over 10,000 Londoners to leave homelessness behind, to be seen, to be heard, and find a place to call home.

I have a question

Please do get in touch - you can fill out the contact form on the website here, or email Marcus at

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    Donate a Christmas dinner

    You can buy a dinner for a Londoner facing homelesness this Christmas.

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    Add a message of support

    Don't forget to add a personal message of support! These messages can really make all the difference.

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  • Three people sat at a table with Christmas crackers and gold crowns.

    We'll deliver your gift

    Your dinner will be dished up on Christmas Day to a Londoner experiencing homelessness. Your generosity will make a huge difference this Christmas.

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Woman smiling at the camera with the kitchen in the background.

How we helped Zowie off the streets

After living a dangerous life on the streets for twenty years, Zowie is finally safe and secure in her own home.

"When I was 18, I had my daughter, but by my early twenties I was unable to look after her. I’d never had any support and just couldn’t cope.

My life is stable now. I am getting therapy for everything that I’ve been through. My daughter lives with me too, which feels wonderful. I’m even looking to start kickboxing classes to help me feel stronger and gain confidence. 

I have so many things to look forward to now"

Buy a gift for a Londoner like Zowie

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