How you'll be making a difference

All the items in our store represent urgently-needed products and service. Every purchase helps us provide Londoners facing homelessness this winter with the support they deserve. From Winter clothing to support Londoners coming off the streets, to essentials such as toiletries, toothbrushes and electricity and gas top ups. 

Your purchase (and any Gift Aid contribution) will be used to fund the distribution of the product or service you buy. If a lot of people buy the same item and we have an urgent shortfall in other items, we will seek to even things up to provide the full range of vital services needed to support Londoners facing homelessness. This means that in some cases, some of your donation could be used for a different item or service. Whatever happens, we promise that 100% of your purchase will be used to fund support Londoners out of homelessness, for good.