Collection: Invisible coffee, tackling homelessness and helping those who feel invisible

Nobody hesitates to spend £3 on a coffee in London these days. But as we queue up at our favourite coffee place, how many of us really see the many people sleeping rough just moments away? Is it any surprise that so many people experiencing homelessness feel invisible, as though they don't matter? 

That’s why we partnered with ad agency CPB London to bring you The Invisible Coffee Company. You can pay £3 for some invisible coffee beans, or £5for a reusable Invisible Coffee filled with steaming, delicious…. invisible coffee. 

When you buy a cup of Invisible Coffee from us, you’ll be helping homeless Londoners get back on their feet, to be seen and be heard and find a place to call home.  

Oh, and while the coffee won’t warm you up, it will warm your heart. Together, let’s end homelessness in our city. 

How it works

Simon's story

Simon from Lewisham was forced out of his family home. With nowhere to go and his mental health at an all-time low, he had no option but to sleep on our city’s streets.

“It feels like when you live in London you are invisible. There are so many people just going about their daily lives that no one really sees you. When you’re homeless it’s just the same but this is a time when you need to be seen the most. I was on my own so I didn’t have anyone to help me out so I tried not to feel anything to just keep going. Being supported by Single Homeless Project has been completely different. People really care about me now.”

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