Homelessness is a traumatic experience

People experiencing homelessness have some of the highest rates of loneliness and isolation in the UK.

This isn't right. Everyone deserves the space, time and help they need to process trauma, develop better coping mechanisms and improve their mental health and leave homelesness behind for good.

Last year, we helped 1,476 people improve their mental health and overall quality of life through our Opportunties Progamme. From sport to gardening to counselling we provide collaborative and creative ways for people experiencing homelessness to build on their strengths and talents, take an active part, learn, share and grow. 

The positive life experiences gained, and healthy relationships developed, provide a renewed sense of hope, confidence and possibility. These often serve as a turning point for our clients in their lives. 

How our bike sessions helped Gary with his mental health

Just £10 can help a Londoner get the support they deserve

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